Donna Ambler Rice, Esq.

Donna received her B.A. degree magna cum laude from Montclair State College in May, 1985 and her Juris Doctorate from Washington & Lee University School of Law in May, 1988.  She is the past Chairperson of the Children’s Issues Committee of the Family Law Section of the North Carolina Bar Association, the past Chairperson of the Orange County's Family Lawyers' Association, the past Secretary/Treasurer of the 15-B Judicial District Bar Association and the former Chairperson of the North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyer’s Family Law Section.  She is currently a member of the North Carolina State Bar Association, the North Carolina Bar Association and its Family Law Section, the 15B Judicial District Bar Association, the Orange County Bar Association, North Carolina Advocates for Justice, the North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys, The Academy of Family Mediators and the Triangle Collaborative Family Law Association.

Donna has also successfully advocated before the Supreme Court of North Carolina and prevailed for her clients in the following cases:

  • In the Matter of the Adoption of P.E.P., 407 S.E.2d 505, 329 N.C. 692 (N.C., 1991) – The Supreme Court held that violations by adoptive parents and their attorney of statute prohibiting any fee or compensation for placing or arranging adoption of child, together with numerous other irregularities in adoption case, invalidated adoption proceeding; and

  • Petersen v. Rogers, 445 S.E.2d 901, 337 N.C. 397 (N.C., 1994) – The Supreme Court held that (1) natural parents’ constitutionally protected paramount right to custody, care and control of their child outweighed interests of a married couple seeking to adopt the child, and (2) a married couple seeking to adopt the child had no right to visitation or to file action requesting visitation period.

Donna has a true passion for being a family law attorney and describes her career as follows:  

“For me, being a family law attorney is not just a job. It is who I am.  I think about cases in the middle of the night.  And I’m often jumping out of the shower to jot down a note about a client’s case.  The reward for me is seeing people become their best selves.  It’s a long road, but I enjoy helping people rebuild their lives; helping them find a place of stability and health.  Whether it’s mediation, litigation, or some combination, we are as creative as possible – working for our clients’ best interest and to guide them to a place of wholeness.”


Kim Ellis

Kim has been a Paralegal with our firm since December, 2013 and quickly progressed to become our Operations Manager. Kim joined our firm with 15 years of experience in the domestic legal field. Kim enjoys working with our clients during what is likely the most difficult time in their lives. She believes that each day is a blessing and each day counts, so make it a positive one! Kim is the mother of a delightful and energetic son. Kim also enjoys spending as much time as possible with her son, family and friends.

Debbie Marimpietri

Debbie has been a Legal Assistant at our firm since March, 2010. She has more than 38 years’ experience working in law firms and enjoys the fast-paced atmosphere that comes along with her position. Debbie has been married for 43 years and is the mother of two adult sons who were born and raised in Chapel Hill. She enjoys exercising, reading and spending time at her family’s lake house.

Tyrone M. Rice

Tyrone joined Donna Ambler Davis, P.C. in early 2014 as the firm’s Equitable Distribution Professional and shortly thereafter became the Firm's Office Manager. In addition to his managerial responsibilities, he is responsible for processing and organizing a magnitude of documents in such a way that assists the attorneys in analyzing our clients’ marital and divisible estates and in more efficiently preparing the attorneys for mediation and/or hearings in cases involving equitable distribution issues.  Tyrone, a former Contract Compliance Manager, retired from almost 30 years at SEPTA/CCT Transportation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in late 2013.  He brings years of experience and strong people skills to our Team.  Tyrone, who also was a professional musician, is passionate about music, the Philadelphia Eagles and dancing with his wife, Donna.